Grindle Hill Cemetery, Swan’s Island, Maine

The cemetery is located at the Harbor Village portion of the Island. It is beside the Methodist church near the intersection of Harbor Road and the North Road.

From the Ferry Terminal building, proceed down the paved road to the 'Stop' sign. There, go right on Atlantic road continuing a few miles to the Crossroads intersection with Harbor Road and Minturn Road. Take Harbor Road to the right and watch for the 3-story building on the right side of the road (The Odd Fellows Hall). Turn right at the next intersection onto the North Road. The church will now be visible.

GPS Cordinates are: 44.156916, -68.451778

Listed here are the people known or believed to be buried in the Grindle Hill cemetery adjacent to the Methodist Church at Swan’s Island, Maine.

Charts on following pages list the people by name and estimated birth & death years. A link in the next column points to a page containing more detailed information and if available photos of markers.

Frequently included with their parents details are unmarried children as well as some instances of married children not buried with spouses.

Children with no other family in this cemetery have separate pages.

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Click here for: Achorn – through – Joyce

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