The Irish Point Cemetery contains a small number of grave plots. For many years during the twentieth century it was virtually forgotten.

In recent years Steve Rockefeller, owner of surrounding property has caringly preserved the cemetery, cleaned up the markers and erected a wonderful enclosure.

It can be found by traveling past the Methodist Church, down Grindle Hill, across the Carrying Place and up the hill where there are 2 houses on your right. Not far beyond those houses, take a left onto the Jericho Bay Road (Unmarked or paved). After a mile more or less, you will come to the Fine Sand Beach parking area. Continue on toward the Jericho Bay Subdivision. Turn left into the first driveway past the Fine Sand Beach parking area, and up over the rise. The cemetery will be not far in on your left.

Those buried in the Irish "Point Cemetery are:

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Colomy, Thomas J. [1798-1884]

Mercy. (Kent) [1815-1875]

Thomas & Mercy Colomy

Torrey, Mary Ann [1837-1885]

Torrey, Melissa [1881-1881]

Mary & Melissa Torrey
It is not clear if there are others buried at the

Irish Point Cemetery.