Other Burials on Swan’s Island, Maine

Listed here are sites or locations on or about Swan's Island where individuals have been buried, memorialized or in some other way taken notice of.

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Joanne (Chandler) Brown John & Joanne Brown
Pete & Helena Bailey Pete & Helena Bailey
Norman & Peg Bailey Norman & Peg Bailey
Elof Bernstoff Elof Bernstof
Coler Family Robert & Marga Coler
Paul 'Rusty' Crossman Paul Crossman
Eugene & Carolyn Jellison Almond & Carolyn Jellison
Erich & Elsie Kunzell Erich & Elsie Kunzel
Milan Family Milan Family
Tommy & Priscilla Lunt Tommy & Priscilla Lunt
Glenice (Smith) Powchak Glenice 'Dolly' Powchak
Paul Stockbridge, Jr. Paul Stockbridge, Jr.
Harold & Leonore Tripler Tripler Family
Evelyn Turner Austin & Evelyn Turner
Galen & Kathleen Turner Galen & Kathleen Turner
Melvin & Deidre Wiseman Melvin & Deidre Wiseman
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