The Valley Cemetery contains a small number of grave plots

In recent years the area has been cleaned up and the general cemetery cared for more so than in the past.

It is located at the head of the cove at the ‘Valley’ on the west side of the main harbor, adjacent to the road leading to the Lighthouse.

GPS Cordinates are: 44.136709, -68.451042

Those buried in the Valley Cemetery are:

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Burns, Dana E. [1848-1919]

Abbie A. (Stanley) [1854-1930]

Burns, Gertrude (Jellison) [1881-1939]

Jellison, Lloyd [1911-1917]

Dana & Abbie Burns
Burns, Dana [1879-1880]

Burns, Dana ‘Cody’ [1887-1910]

Burns, Stillborn [abt1908]

Cody & Dana Burns
Gott, Peter [1745-1839]

Charity (Carter) [1745-1821]

Gott, Samuel [1785-1787]

Gott, Elizabeth [1791-1791]

Peter & Charity Gott
Herrick, Kimball [1802-1887]

Abigail (Babson) [1803-1884]

Kimball & Abbie Herrick
Stanley, Edith [1898-1927]

Stanley, Katie [1883-1906]

Edith & Katie Stanley
Stanley, Isaiah [1827-1892]

Sophie (Herrick) [1826-1913]

Stanley, Charles A. [1850-1861]

Stanley, Albert [1862-1863]

Stanley, Edwin [1864-1865]

Isaiah & Sophia Stanley
Stanley, William [1866-1951]

Edna (Stanley) [1872-1931]

Stanley, Daisey (Dow) [1891-1956]

William & Edna Stanley
Stanley, Lewis [1857-1934]

Laura (Greenlaw) [1859-1938]

Lewis & Laura Stanley
Smith, Durinda [1836-1881] Durinda Smith
Smith, George [1841-1915]

Ruth (Stanley) [1851-1916]

George & Ruth Smith
Smith, Harry [1895-1901] Harry F. Smith
Smith, Sofia M [1875-1880] Sofia M. Smith