Recreation Committee

The Swan’s Island Recreation program had a very successful summer in 2018.  The daytime program is designed for children in grades kindergarten – 8th grade.  This program is for children to meet with friends, play games, create crafts, and outdoor fun.  The day recreation averaged 20 children for a daily attendance through out the summer.

The night time recreation program is designed for our teenagers, ages 13-18.  This program is a fun atmosphere for teens to play table top games, listen to music, and play outdoor sports.  We averaged 15 teens each night through out the summer.

Last summer the recreation board and staff members hosted our 6th annual variety show fundraiser; with the addition of a chowder cook off and silent auction.  All proceeds raised from the variety show are put into a fund to help reach our long-term goals.  Since 2013 we have raised $5,572.96.  Some of our long-term goals include, fixing up our existing building, fixing up the ball field, and fencing for the ball field and basketball court.  We are striving to provide a safe, secure and fun environment for our youth.

Each summer we advertise for a life guard position at the Quarry pond.  This position requires very specific requirement’s in order to apply for the position.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to hire anyone for this job for the past few years but keep hopeful each year; for this is the most asked about position through out the community.  It has become a struggle to find volunteers to help put out the float, safety lines and buoys each summer.  Our hope is to find interest with in the town to help assist with that.  Thank you

Donations are always welcomed and greatly appreciated!

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