In this section is some information taken from several sources, such as Annual Town Reports for the past century, personal journals, and other things such as newspaper articles, etc.

We will add to this section as items become available.

As described below there is:

  • Dellie Bridges Burial Ledger
  • Dr. Small’s Journal
  • An Example of James Swan’s pre-revolution writing
  • The Boston Post Cane

Dexter Lee obtained a ledger book once owned by Dellie Bridges and in it found references to his many involvements with burying people while he was a Town Sexton for nearly half the 20th century.  See Dexter’s retyped version of Dellie’s notes.

Dr. Herman Small’s journal entries here contain glowing comments about Herbert W. Joyce's store. There was a cellar in Atlantic reported to have been where his store was located when it was burned during the uneasiness of the town being incorporated. The cellar is located across the road from Bradley and Gladys Joyce's home as well as across from the Lee summer place. Much later in the 20th century the town road was rerouted bypassing the 90-degree corner next to the store lot and sending it across the field toward the Seaside Hall.

Read some of Dr. Small's Journal here.

A most interesting and recent find is a pamphlet or report attributed to James Swan and written before the American Revolution. Galen Turner obtained an apparently original copy of this document and was kind enough to allow copying its pages for the Swan's Island Library. Photocopied pages are here for you to view.

There is a cane with an interesting history that is to be held by the town's eldest citizen. Read more about the Swan's Island Gold Cane here.
The Swan's Island Historical Society has archived photos here.