The Families of Swan's Island
From the Late 1700s To Present

We at the Swan’s Island Historical Society have been gathering family history or 'Genealogy' information based upon the work of Dr. Hermon W. Small's 'History of Swan's Island' and the work of Grace Bishoff, a former summer resident of the Island.  Ms. Bishof traced connections of many Island families to Mayflower and Revolutionary ancestors.


We will periodically assemble and add portions of this huge work for presentation on the Swan's Island Web Site.  The initial information provides ancestor roots and descendant trees of some of the earliest settlers of the Swan's Island group of Islands.

  • We ask all viewers to please provide us details about any detected errors, and information to more completely cover all related people and additions about people not currently documented.
  • Also, if you'd like to ask for specific family information, please contact us and every effort will be made to satisfy your request.
  • We  provide on this site, files you can download to print blank forms to submit additional family information for which we will be most grateful. 

We have now added descendant reports for families who settled on Swan’s Island after those Dr. Small recorded in his book.   Mostly those arriving until the early Twentieth Century.

PDF copies of blank genealogical documents are available to download here.
Download Blank Family Group Sheet

Download Blank Pedigree Chart

Many early settlers came after the Revolutionary War and were former soldiers.  A lot were enticed by Colonel Swan, also a former soldier, to work on his Island and take up a lot of land for their own.  Others later came for the same purpose but perhaps not with the soldier background.

See Explanations to find out about what is and is not included in the reports available here.

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The Early Settlers


Approximate Arrival


Thomas Kench

About 1777

Harbor Island

‘King’ David Smith

His Ancestors

About 1791

Employed at Swan's Mills

Joseph Toothaker

His Ancestors

About 1791

No known descendents

Moses Staples

His Ancestors

About 1793


Joshua Grindle

His Ancestors



John Rich



William Davis


Went to Frenchboro in 1797

Alexander Nutter


At Irish Point

William Nutter (See Alexander Nutter’s descendents)

About 1800


John Finney



Samuel Kent


At Irish Point

James Joyce

His Ancestors



Benjamin Stinson

His Ancestors

About 1810


Courtney Babbidge

His Ancestors

Before 1812


Jeptha Benson

After 1812

Marshall's Island

Levi Torrey

His Ancestors

About 1814


William Stanley

His Ancestors

After 1814


Robert Mitchell



Rev. Bryant Lennan



John Stockbridge

His Ancestors

About 1816


Thomas Dunbar



Peter Gott

His Ancestors

Before 1820


James T. Sprague

His Ancestors

About 1820


Israel Conary

His Ancestors



Zachariah Kempton

His & Seth’s Ancestors



Seth Kempton



Cushing Stewart

His Ancestors



Thomas Colomy



Silas Hardy

His Ancestors


Harbor Island

Joshua Trask



Enoch Billings

His Ancestors



Elias Morey, Jr.



Joshua, Thomas and Moses Sadler

Their Ancestors



Hardy Lane

His & Oliver’s Ancestors

About 1835

Harbor Island

Oliver B. Lane, Jr.

About 1835

Harbor Island

Abram Holbrook

His Ancestors



Kimball Herrick

His Ancestors


At Irish Point

John Adams



Alexander Kiff



Solomon Barbour

His Ancestors



Jacob S. Reed

His Ancestors



Moses Bridges

His Ancestors






The Settlers of the Intermediate years

Several of these settlers were likely living on Swan’s Island before or at the same time as Dr. Small, but he didn’t mention them in his book.  Perhaps because he was focusing on families from the earliest times of settlement and their descendents.



Approximate Arrival


James Rowe

Before   1847


Curtis Robinson

Before   1852


Alexander Gross

Before   1870


Dana Burns

Before   1873


David McKay

Before   1878


Sylvester Morse

About   1880


Nelson Carter

About   1880 


Fred Turner

After     1883


John Scott

Before  1890


William Martin

About   1891


George G. Lawson

After     1892


Addison Parker

Before  1895


Alfred Orcutt

Before  1895


Walter H. Stinson

About   1901


Charles White

After     1901


Maroni Harvey

Before  1902


Capt. Abram Johnson

Before  1904


Ralph Grant

Before  1905


Edward Wheaton

Before  1913


John T. LeMoine

About   1915


Everett Carter

Between 1916 & 1919


Elbridge Simmons

Before  1920


Elden Colbeth

After     1920


Axel Carlson

Before  1926


Peter Powers


Which Peter?

Genealogy Reports about ancestors are being prepared for some of the above early settlers