The reports about descendents and ancestors of the earliest settlers of Swan’s Island have been prepared by features in the RootsMagic genealogy program.


Creating a ‘Web Site’ for each settler produces the report you will be able to view.  Included are all the descendents we have been able to document, their spouses, children, important dates and any interesting facts known.


Not included are details about extended families resulting from additional marriages.  For example, if a descendent marries someone who had previously been married and had children, those families are not really descendents, so are not shown.  However, in most situations, we have the material in the Swan’s Island genealogy database and can produce other reports including the details.


Periodically a ‘fact’ may appear more than once for an individual in report text.  Such entries might result because two different documenters select alternate methods to document facts.  It is better to have duplicates than to lose the fact altogether.  However, we are attempting to root out such ambiguous material for a more neat and understandable report.


The comments at the beginning of each settler’s report is derived from material in Dr. Herman Small’s 1897 edition of the ‘History of Swan’s Island’ and refers to that time period.  So when you see ‘At the present time’ or similar text, that is Dr. Small’s words from 1897.