Seventh Generation

64. Col. Thomas Reade died about 1663 in England, UK. He was born in Bracket Hall, England. Came to America about 1630. Lived at Salem. Significant land owner.

65. Mary Cornwall was born in England, UK.

Children were:


William Reade was born about 1587 in Bracket Hall, England. He died in 1656 at the age of 69 in Newcastle-Upon-Lyne, England. Came to America along with wife and three children. in the ship 'Defence' in July 1635, arriving in Boston on 6 or 8 October. Returned to England shortly before death.


Esdras Reade was born before 1639 in England, UK.



Captain Thomas Read-32921.


Abraham Read was born in England, UK.


Jacob Read was born in England, UK.