Descendants of Swan's Island's Jacob S. Reed

This summary has been derived from information in Dr. H. W. Small's 'History of Swan's Island' published in 1898.
Jacob S. Reed came to Swan's Island from Brooklin in 1845, and bought nine acres of land from the Joyce lot, which at this time was owned by William Joyce. Some years previous to his coming here he bought a small part of the lot of land he afterwards occupied, through which ran a large stream of water. This he dammed and it proved to be an excellent mill privilege. This was the place where Prince wished to locate a mill. Mr. Reed took down a mill which he had been running in Brooklin, and erected it over this stream. While at Brooklin his gristmill was first operated by wind, and later by horse-power. This was a rather expensive mode of manufacture, so he came here where he might utilize this water privilege. At this time a greater part of the bread was made from flour of corn and barley which were raised on the island. William Joyce operated the mill for several years; afterwards Mr. Reed came himself, bought more land and built a house, which is still known as the Reed house. Soon after this time manufactured wheat flour became cheaper, so less grain was raised here, and after a short time the mill was closed.
Mr. Reed was a man of marked individuality and sterling quality. He was married 3 times. His first wife was Sarah, a daughter of Moses Staples, 2nd; she died in 1865, aged 59 years; his second wife was Mary Harding, of Boston, who died in 1871, aged 39 years; his third wife was Isabel S. Joyce, who died in 1888, aged 68 years. Mr. Reed died in Scarboro where he went to live with his children. His death occurred in 1888, at the age of 84 years.
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