First Generation

1. James R. Y. Sprague1,2 was born on 27 April 1787 in Union, Maine, USA. He died on 27 December 1853 at the age of 66 in Swan's Island, Hancock County, Maine, USA. Year also reported as 1855. He was buried in Grindle Hill cemetery, Swan's Island. James was a fisherman. He was also known as James T. Sprague. Came to Swan's Island in 1820 after living a time on Marshalls and Harbor Islands.

Gravestone: James R. Y. Sprague.

"James T. Sprague came here in 1820 from Union, Maine, and settled on Harbor island where he built a log house. He remained there, however, only a few years, when he went to Marshall's island. He occupied one part of the island, and Jeptha Benson had the other. Afterwards he came back and took up one hundred acres of land in the southeastern part of the island, this being a part of the lot of five hundred acres which had for many years been taxed to Michael O'Maley, and who had now ceased to own it for non-payment of taxes thereon. He built a house near the head of the long cove just below where Lemuel Sprague now lives.

"The Sprague family came to Maine from Block Island and settled in the town of Union, where many of that name still reside. Mr. Sprague's father, John Sprague, had a family of fourteen children, most of whom removed from the place of their birth.

"James, the subject of this sketch, lived in Union until after he was married and had a family of three children, the present James Sprague being two years old when they came here. Mr. Sprague married Rebecca Hewes, of St. George. She had been previously married to Isreal Elwell, of St. George, by whom she had two children - Isreal Elwell and Susan Elwell. By Mr. Sprague she had six children - Jeremiah, Samuel and James, who were born in Union, and Eunice, John and David, born here. Mrs. Sprague died in 1862, aged seventy-nine years."