Sixth Generation

1097. Josephine Loretta Nelson was born on 15 November 1923 in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine, USA.

Josephine Loretta Nelson and Edward F. McCarthy were married on 4 December 1941. Edward F. McCarthy was born (date unknown).

Josephine Loretta Nelson and Oliver Wright Swann were married on 22 February 1946 in Rockland, Knox County, Maine, USA. By Rev. Wallace Anderson. Oliver Wright Swann, son of Albert W Swann, was born on 29 March 1918 in Cape Girandeau, Missouri, USA. He died on 4 September 1992 at the age of 74 in Missouri, USA.

Josephine Loretta Nelson-32551 and Oliver Wright Swann-32563 had the following children:



Terry Joe Swann-32793.



Steven Oliver Swann-32794.



Russell Nelson "Rusty" Swann-32795.



Susan Elizabeth Swann-32796.

Donald Beal was born (date unknown).