Eighth Generation

1723. Linda Parker was born on 26 June 1947.164 On Dec 30, 2008, Linda wrote about her family:

Dad is doing really good, still recovering from Hurricane Ike and the

aftermath. Dad lives in my guest house which is next to my house and after the storm hit around 4am a huge tree fell over the entire roof falling in bed with him, took him over an hour to dig out. So I am very blessed to not have been planning his funeral along with all the other mess with Ike. We virtually had to rebuild his house and it should be finished in about 2 weeks. He’s been living with me and with both of us used to living alone, this to say the least has been quite trying. I also lost my storage shed, one room in my house had water so I have to replace the carpet and my roof is damaged. All in all repairs should be completed within in the next 3 months.

Mom told me that you two wrote, she always enjoyed your letters so much.

I went to Higgins from January, 1965 thru June, 1965. We were living in North Africa and I had been going to boarding school in Switzerland. They pulled me out of that school to go to Higgins because I had gotten sick and almost died from some contagious malady, (which we never knew what it was) and the school never notified Mom and Dad until I had recovered. Mom yanked me out of that school and off to Higgins I went, I wanted to stay in Switzerland and graduate but Mom wouldn’t hear of it, which now being a parent I can understand. As bad as I hate it, I really don’t remember much about my time at Higgins except that I stayed dormed all the time. J

I have 3 children, Dawn (41) from my 1st marriage (lasted about 2 years he like men) and then LB (26) and Patrick (23) from my 2nd marriage (which lasted about 17 years, he liked other women). Dawn has a set of twin girls (16), Cristin & Michele and Stormy age 13………….lucky her!!! Yikes 3 teenage girls, I only had one and thought neither of us would make it to her next birthday. My boys were a breeze to raise, Dawn was horrible. She’s turned out great though, she is in Washington State running a homeless shelter and drug rehab. LB works for a small oil company running their IT department and lives with me currently and Patrick is a manager at Petsmart living in Baton Rouge, La.

I am divorced and have been since 1990 and I work for a Telecommunications company handling the Shell Oil account. I have been totally blessed to be allowed to work from home and have been since 2005 as my home office is in Dallas. At 61 I am so wishing I could retire, but with the economy the way it is and the stock market crap I may not get to for a while.

The book that Mom was talking about is the original publication of “A History of Swan’s Island Maine” by H. W. Small, M.D – published in 1898…..I think I remember seeing another book that was My grandfathers but until I get Dad moved back in to his house I won’t be able to find it.

I would give anything to come to the Island again for a visit, the few times that I was there I loved it. It seems that life there was so peaceful and far removed from the crap of the big cities, like Houston. Thank heavens I don’t live in Houston, I am in the county north and live out in the country.

I would love to get into genealogy, Mom and an Aunt on my Dad’s side were really into it and did trees. I have all of Mom’s research in her brief case, so if you need anything from me please ask and I would love to help you fill in the blanks. I am in contact with Aunt Eleanor’s youngest son Doug, he’s not much on communicating via email or letter, so let me know what you need from him and I will get it for you. Out of the 5 boys there are only two left and it’s so sad that we all live so far apart.

In no way was your email too long, I love hearing from family. Dad’s family are mostly in California now, one niece in Texas but the rest are on the west coast and everyone else is in Maine. Dad is 83 and I am really dreading his passing, losing Mom was awful and it was so sudden. Guess that’s why I am so glad that I have had all this extra time with Dad. Please let’s do stay in touch and I hope someday to venture up your way to one of our reunion’s.

Love and kisses,


Linda Parker-93398 had the following children:



Dawn Parker-93399.

Linda Parker and Larry Edward Bell were married. Larry Edward Bell was born (date unknown).

Linda Parker-93398 and Larry Edward Bell-93400 had the following children:



Larry Edward "LB" Bell II was born about 1982.



Patrick Bell was born about 1985.