First Generation

1. Robert Mitchell was born on 28 March 1790 in Dublin, Ireland, UK. He died on 11 August 1861 at the age of 71. He was a Farmer in Placentia Island, Maine, USA. Robert was buried in Placentia Island, Maine, USA.

He came to this country as an emigrant in 1814. After a long, tedious voyage of six weeks, they saw land through the fog, and anchored in Old [Burntcoat] Harbor. It was one of the old-fashioned emigrant ships, a poor sailer, and furnished still poorer accomodations to its passengers. There were three hundred and sixty emigrants aboard, most of whom were Irish. It was Sunday morning when they anchored. Many of the emigrants came ashore, some of whom were invited to attend a religious service held at the house of David Smith, at the "north". While here they learned that one of their countrymen, John Finney, lived on the eastern side of the island, and a large number of them went across the island to pay Mr. Finney a visit, and stayed with him overnight. Mr. Finney's small house made it inconvenient for him to accommodate so large a company, but he was equal to the emergency. He had recently sheared his sheep, the wool of which he spread upon the floor, thus making a comfortable bed for them all.

Mr. Mitchell alone remained; the others returned to the ship, which sailed the next morning for Portland. Mr Mitchell never heard from any of the company afterwards. He was hired by Moses Staples, with whom he worked for two years. In 1820 he married Mr. Staples daughter, Judith. He bought land on Placentia, and went there to live. There was a log house on the island, and in this they began housekeeping. The island was then covered by a dense forest, much of which he cut off and sold. The land thus cleared made an excellent farm. In three years he had built a frame house.

Came to America at Swan's Island in 1814. Lived at Swan's Island and Placentia.

Robert Mitchell and Judith Staples were married on 29 October 1819 in Deer Isle, Hancock County, Maine, USA. Married by William Heath.
Judith Staples, daughter of Moses Staples and Judith Eaton, was born on 7 November 1796 in Swan's Island, Hancock County, Maine, USA. She died on 20 March 1841 at the age of 44. Nine children.

Robert Mitchell-3947 and Judith Staples-975 had the following children:



Capt. George W. Mitchell-3628.



Jane A. Mitchell-3629.



Sarah B. Mitchell-3630.



Hannah H. Mitchell was born on 5 July 1830 in Placentia Island, Maine, USA. She died on 13 October 1837 at the age of 7.



Judith S. Mitchell-35911.



Mitchell was born about 1832 in Placentia Island, Maine, USA. She died about 1839 at the age of 7. at age 7 years.



Marietta B. Mitchell-3632.



May A. Mitchell was born about 1834 in Placentia Island, Maine, USA.



Robert Mitchell Jr.-3633.

Robert Mitchell and Lydia Gott were married on 27 January 1842.1 Marriage performed by John Brown, Jr. Lydia Gott, daughter of Benjamin Gott and Lydia Morgan, was born on 6 January 1798 in Bass Harbor, Hancock County, Maine, USA. She died after 1860 at the age of 62.

Robert Mitchell-3947 and Lydia Gott-3938 had the following children:



Charles Mitchell-3642.