Descendants of Swan's Island's Silas Hardy

This summary has been derived from information in Dr. H. W. Small's 'History of Swan's Island' published in 1898.
Silas Hardy came to Swan's Island in 1825 and bought Harbor Island from Seth and Zachariah Kempton when they left this place. He was the son of Capt. Peter Hardy, Jr., of Deer Isle, whose ancestors came to Deer Isle from Worcester, Massachusetts. Mr. Hardy married Hannah Adams, a sister of John Adams, of Beverly. He traded a few years in the store on Harbor Island where the Kempton brothers formerly traded. He sold Harbor Island to William Stinson, and bought of Joshua Sadler the point of land near the site of Swan's Mills. Here he built a house and store, and did a large business. It was the only store on the Island at the time, and in fact, it was the first large store on the Island. Others had traded here before, but they kept only a small stock of goods, such as fisherman's supplies. As his business grew he not only secured the trade of the Island population, but did a brisk business fitting the large fleet which here found a market for its fish. He bought and cured a large amount of fish. He also did quite a business in shipbuilding; the largest vessel he built in 1835, called the 'Henry M. Johnson', which he built for parties in Newark, New Jersey. He had a good education and was an excellent business man.

After leaving here, Mr. Hardy lived for several years at Winterport. During this time he sailed in a ship between New York and Australia. From one of those voyages he did not return and it was supposed that he died in Australia. His wife moved to Illinois where she now lives with her brother, John Adams.

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