Descendants of Swan's Island's Thomas Colomy

This summary has been derived from information in Dr. H. W. Small's 'History of Swan's Island' published in 1898.
Thomas Colomy came to Swan's Island from Damariscotta in 1823, he being then only 18 years of age. He made his first visit to the Island in a fishing vessel. Afterwards he came and lived several years with the family of Samuel Kent. His wife was Mercy Kent, whom he married soon after coming here. He bought land and built a house near where David Smith lives now. This place he sold at the solicitation of a friend and bought Conary's Island near Deer Isle, but in this purchase he was greatly deceived; the condition of the place was so much different from what he had been led to expect that he soon came back here and bought the place of William Annis, where Hezekiah Holbrook now lives. Previous to going to Conary's Island, he sold his farm to David Smith 3d, who still occupies it. After living on the Annis place some years, he moved to Irish Point and bought the place then owned by David Stinson, next adjoining the Smith lot, where he spent the remainder of his years. He died in 1884 at the age of 79 years. His wife died in 1879, aged 59 years.
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