Descendants of Swan's Island's Thomas Dunbar

This summary has been derived from information in Dr. H. W. Small's 'History of Swan's Island' published in 1898.
Thomas Dunbar came to Swan's Island in 1819 when he was a child of 8 years and was brought up in the family of Benjamin Smith. His parents resided in Deer Isle, where he had a brother, Elisha, who died in 1893, at the age of 75 years. Thomas married Susan, a daughter of David Smith, 2nd. He separated from his wife, after which he spent a roving life. After the marriage of his son, he went to Ellsworth to live with him, and died there, about 80 years of age in 1891. Mrs. Dunbar afterwards married a Mr. Smith, of Jonesport, and after his death she became the wife of Peter Stanley.
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